Sabbatical Fellowships

John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study

Kriszta Kotsis
Professor, Art & Art History

Leslie Saucedo
Professor, Biology
"What Can Model Organisms Tell Us About the Rules of Antioxidants in Cancer?"

Professor, Theatre Arts
"Placing Womxn at the Center"

Ariela Tubert
Professor, Philosophy
"Neuroexistentialism is a Humanism"

Junior Sabbatical Fellowships

The following faculty members were awarded junior sabbatical fellowships in 2019–20:

 Jason Struna
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

502 Bad Gateway

Assistant Professor, Asian Studies
"Formularized Genius: Negotiation of Genre and Desire in Chinese Fiction"

Michael Pohl
Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
"A Biomechanical Gait Comparison of Resolved Versus Unresolved Paleofemoral Pain"

America Chambers
Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
"Natural Language Processing"



The following faculty members were awarded sabbatical fellowships in 2019–20:

Professor, Physical Therapy
"Latent Psychogenic Modulation of Neuropathic Sensory Systems"

Professor, Religious Studies, Gender & Queer Studies


William Barry
Professor, Classics
"Rehabilitating Perses: Hesiod's Words and Days and the First Citizen of the Polis"

Sigrun Bodine
Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science

Nicholas Brody
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
"Promoting Bystander Intervention in Cyberbullying"

Erin Colbert-White
Assistant Professor, Psychology
"Strengthening Lines of Animal Cognition Research"

Denise Despres
Professor, English
"The Barber Surgeons and the York Cycle"

Assistant Professor, Science, Technology, and Society
"Heated Debates: Chemical Contributions to Electrical Science (1800-1856)"

Associate Professor, History
"Empire of Venus"

Susannah Hannaford
Professor, Biology
"Flipping the Neurobiology Classroom"

Pepa Lago Grana
Professor, Hispanic Studies
"Bittersweet Flavors of the Americas"

Andrew Monaco
Assistant Professor, Economics

Patrick O'Neil
Professor, Politics & Government
"Patrimonialism, Clientelism, and Illiberalism in Eastern Europe"

Professor, Psychology
"Generally Accepted Findings About Eyewitness Accuracy"

Stuart Smithers
Professor, Religious Studies
"Critical Futures"

George Tomlin
Professor, Occupational Therapy
502 Bad Gateway

Professor, Physics
"Musical Acoustics of Drums: Damping and coupling of membrane modes"

Barry Goldstein
Professor, Geology
"Tanwax Flood/Climate Change Seminar Series"

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
"Free Intro Computer Science Textbook"