Instructions for Form 8233

Simplified Instructions for Completing Form 8233 For Short Term International 访问ors

Do not use these instructions if you:

  1. 502 Bad Gateway

  2. will only be seeking reimbursement for expenses (original receipts are required)

Download the 形式8223 from the IRS website

Form must be completed legibly and in ink or you can type into the PDF and print before signing.

Above 第一部分



1 - Print your name

2 - Enter your Social Security or ITIN Number. You must have this number, or attach a copy of your W-7 form as proof of application.

3 - Optional - Foreign Taxpayer Number (Enter if your country of residency issues one)

4 - Permanent address: Enter your home address in your country of residence.

7 - If you are  a citizen of Canada or Mexico:

  1. Enter country that issued your passport.
  2. Passport Number: Enter passport number.

8 - Date of Entry: Generally, enter the date of arrival shown on your current I-94 (download your I-94 here). However, if you are claiming a tax treaty benefit determined by reference to more than one date of arrival, enter the earliest.

9 - Current Status:

  1. Enter your current non-immigrant status as shown on your I-94.
  2. Enter date your status expires from your I-94 card.

10 - Leave blank unless you are claiming an exemption based on the article related to being a teacher or a student. 


11 - Compensation for independent services:

  1. Enter description of personal services (e.g. lecture, seminar, etc), (Example: "Give one lecture at the University of Puget Sound").
  2. Enter the approximate amount to expect to be paid by the University of Puget Sound during the year.

12 - Treaty name and article number:

  1. 502 Bad Gateway
  2. Enter "all" unless some portion of this amount in the 11b is not covered by the treaty; in that case, enter only the amount covered. 
  3. Country of Permanent Residence: Enter the country of your residence. Must match 12a.

13 - Leave blank

15 - Leave blank

16 - Leave blank

17 - Leave blank

18 - Leave blank 

第三部分: Sign and date this form.